Sellers Questions

1.How do I create an account to sell things?

Simply Create an account and get your password verified.

Once you are verified you can search in the "Your Account" section to select "Create Seller Account"

Then simply fill in the details and we will approve your account

2.What can I sell on Bitcoin Products Online?

We have a huge selection of categories available and there are always new ones being added. If you have a product that does not have a category you think we could add simply contact us and our team will be more than happy to look into this. As a general rule new categories are set up within 7 days from date of request.

Below is a list of the items we do not allow, anyone trying to sell these risks having their account terminated.

Adult items
Animals and wildlife products
Selling art
Artifacts, cultural heritage, and grave-related items
Autographed items
Catalytic converter and test pipes
Used clothing
Credit and debit cards
Digitally delivered goods
Drugs and drug paraphernalia
Electrical and electronic equipment
Embargoed goods and prohibited countries
Encouraging illegal activity
Firearms, weapons and knives
Gift cards
Government, transit, and shipping-related items
Government documents, IDs and licences
Hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials
Human remains and body parts
Lock picking devices
Chance listings
Mailing lists and personal information
Medical drugs, devices, and healthcare
Personal relationships and services
Police-related items
Real estate
Product safety
Event ticket
Slot machines
Stamps, currency and coins
Stocks and  other securities
Stolen property
Used cosmetics

3.How do I earn Bitcoins?

The simplest and easiest way is to Sell something and you get paid in Bitcoins.

We offer two systems:


All products listed will be listed in USD valuation.

When a person orders the product they must buy it in Bitcoins, when the transaction is settled you will be paid in Bitcoins.

So if you have anything you want to sell, and convert this to Bitcoins rather than Cash then we are the best platform to do this with.

Simply create an account (see our FAQs for creating an account).

Then Create a Seller Account and then start listing your products.


You can also join our affiliate Program and advertise our website on other marketing platforms and earn bitcoins for sales that come from your website leads.

4.What are your fees?

We only have One Fee.

We deduct a Flat Fee of 7.5% of the value of the sale of the product/s.

You will get 92.5% of the sale price.

There are no other fees, that we take.

The Bitcoin system may deduct a fee when doing the transaction but this is not something we can control

There are No Listing Fees.

We are cheaper than Amazon, Ebay, and many other Online market places and we have 20,000 products online.

5.How is Free Freight Calculated?

We offer Free Shipping on all of our products listed.

Therefore as the Reseller - it is your responsibility to select the most economical shipping method and ensure the product is shipped in a timely manner.

We do not compensate you for the shipping costs, this is why our commission is reduced to allow you to increase your margin.

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