Buyers Questions

1.What happens if I pay for the goods and the seller does not ship them or they are faulty?

We are here to help.

It is vitally important that all your details are kept up to date so we are able to communicate with you to ensure we can help you.

Our policy is we keep the your funds in our secure crypto wallet as a guarantee that you get the goods, and in the condition you ordered it.

It is your responsibility to notify the seller as soon as you get the goods if there is an issue, or if they did not arrive as they said they would.

We do not release the funds to the seller for the first 30 days during the first 20 transactions until they have established a good reputation.

So it is best to communicate with the seller to resolve the issue and we can mediate where needed.

2.What warranty do I get on the product sold?

As we offer a huge selection of products the warranty period varies from brand to brand and product to product.

However there is a simple policy that the sellers must abide by:

New Items:

All products sold must have the standard statue 12 Month warranty by the manufacturer.

The warranty policy is up to the Reseller however we ensure that the Reseller Must have a minimum 21 day Return Policy for full refund or exchange. 

Your Bitcoins are held in Escrow until the 21 days has passed after this the Bitcoins will be released.

Used or Refurbished:

There is no warranty within our contractual agreement.

You need to clarify this with the seller based on the product you are looking to purchase.

It is the seller responsibility to ensure this is clearly stated in the product description.

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